6 Foods That Inhibit Or Alleviate PMS Symptoms

PMS is a kind of unpleasant phase for women. The hormonal change that precedes the menstrual period arouses anxiety, mood swings, bloating, accumulation of toxins, cramps, breast aches, acne, insomnia and excessive hunger and so on.

However, eating can help control symptoms for those who suffer a lot from PMS. In addition to citing foods and explaining their benefits, Bruna indicates that consumption should be done over a few months to notice the effects on the body. “Trying to maintain a balanced routine, with a proper diet, ensuring hydration, practicing physical activities and having adequate hours of sleep also help during PMS,” adds Bruna.

6 foods that relieve PMS symptoms


The most traditional. One of the many hormonal changes that happen in PMS is the fall of serotonin (wellness hormone).

To produce serotonin at this time, the body needs a substance called tryptophan, which is found in chocolate.

It is not in any type of chocolate that we find the substance. Chocolates that use white sugar and have a lower cocoa content are not the best ones.

Those who do not use sugar, or use brown sugar, such as dark chocolate, have a much higher concentration of nutrients because it is purer. Even cocoa nibs are another healthier option for helping to produce serotonin.


Ensure that hydration is done correctly by drinking plenty of water to prevent any kind of swelling and for the body to eliminate all toxins produced during this period.

In addition to water, hibiscus tea, especially, and horsetail tea help not to retain liquid. But being careful with excess is essential – the ideal is to consume up to two cups a day and it is important to avoid sweetening the teas.

Darker Vegetables

Spinach, swiss chard, escarole and kale have more nutrients and are rich in magnesium, helping to prevent cramps relief and muscle relaxation.

For women who usually run and train during the premenstrual period, opting for these foods ensures muscle relaxation, pain relief and aiding in sports.


In controlled amounts, they help reduce cramps, swelling, and breast aches that become more painful and tender during the phase. Bet on them at intervals between larger meals.

 Fiber Food Sources

Grains, cereals, and whole grain foods like brown rice help to improve bowel function, preventing bloating, constipation – always combined with good hydration.

In addition, these foods control the blood sugar content. That is, they guarantee a greater sense of satiety, avoiding the sensation of uncontrolled hunger, which occurs in many women during the phase.

Red fruits

Strawberries, blackberries and berries contain many antioxidants. Many women end up with oily skin and many pimples. Thus, the substances present in these fruits help maintain skin maintenance.

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