Antioxidants Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

If you have not lived on a desert island for the last two decades, you know perfectly well that cigarettes are a “deadly weapon” that contributes to many serious illnesses.

In fact, 90% of all lung cancer cases are associated with smoking.

No wonder they were called “cancer pipes”!

But the sad truth is that smoking is an addiction that is difficult to get rid of – especially at difficult times.

I encourage you to stop smoking, but I know that going through withdrawal symptoms sometimes requires several approaches … and although you swear that this cigarette will be your last, you can fall into addiction again.

After all, you’re just human.

Fortunately, the new study shows that adherence to a diet rich in specific antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of lung cancer … even if your last cigarette is still the next one.

The study, published in  Frontiers in Oncology , compared eating habits of about 2,000 people aged 35 to 75 – half of whom suffered from lung cancer and half did not.

Regardless of whether the participants smoked a lot, little or not at all, a lower risk of lung cancer related to people eating certain fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients that protect cells from damage caused by age, toxins and other factors (ie antioxidants) ).

And this relationship worked well even for the biggest addicts.

In the case of smoking men, the greatest protective action against lung cancer seemed to have beta carotene, alpha carotene, beta cryptoxanthin and lycopene.

In the case of women, vitamin C has taken such action, which is not surprising when you consider its ability to strengthen immunity and even to defeat cancer if you already have it.

The biggest advantage of this study is that it analyzed the realistic eating habits of ordinary people – which means that you can try to replicate these results yourself (instead of taking atypical amounts of some substance that can be given only in clinical conditions).

As you know, I am a huge fan of paleo-style food – and although this diet contains significant amounts of animal proteins, it also contains significant amounts of fresh (preferably organic) vegetables and fruits.

So you do not have to leave a vegetarian or vegan. You can also eat a steak.

Here are some friendly paleo food products that you can start eating in large quantities … regardless of whether you are a smoker trying to quit smoking or a former smoker … or simply want to ensure your health.

– Beta carotene and alpha carotene are found in orange and yellow vegetables, for example in carrots, yellow squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

– Beta cryptoxanthin also occurs in the orange-yellow group – in products such as sweet peppers, papaya and mandarins. The best sources of lycopene include red fruits, such as watermelon and tomatoes (which are technically fruit).

– Vitamin C is found in the whole range of products from orange colored citrus fruits, through dark green broccoli and Brussels sprouts, to crimson strawberries.

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