Broccoli Can Help You Lose Weight

How can you not love broccoli here?

They have a high fiber content, are rich in vitamins C and A, and their small “flowers” is a tasty snack.

In addition, according to the latest research broccoli is something that you can eat more – instead of starving yourself – to lose kilos.

This vegetable can compensate for some of the serious complications caused by obesity, which include not only extra kilograms, but also inflammation, high blood sugar and fatty liver.

A new study published in  Diabetes  states that the compound called sulforaphane, found in broccoli, is responsible for everything.

When Japanese researchers used a high-fat diet in mice, and then used some of the supplements with sulforaphane, a group of fat-eating mice, but receiving sulforaphane, it gained 15% less weight than mice that did not use this supplement.

They also had less fat, less severe signs of fatty liver and lower blood sugar compared to the control group.

It looks like sulforaphane helped transform fat into energy, and then it burns that energy, but it’s important to remember that sulforaphane is not the equivalent of the card “you leave prison without a penalty”. The mice were still gaining weight and their fat grew from eating junk food with a high fat content.

But this increase in weight did not have such a catastrophic effect on their overall health when they were simultaneously receiving sulforaphane. In addition, their inflammation was at a lower level and had a better balanced intestinal flora.

We begin to learn the power of broccoli as a superfood, I am sure that soon we will learn about their extraordinary properties. The literature has already shown that sulforaphane can kill cancer cells, stopping them from spreading from one part of the body to another.

When preparing broccoli, remember not to overcook it. You will get the most benefits from sulforaphane when you cook them briefly on steam.

And if you grin at the very thought of broccoli, sulforaphane occurs naturally in other vegetables from the “cross” family, for example in brussels sprouts and cabbage.

Eating more vegetables than other fatty, processed “junk” foods will help you lose some of your weight.

In addition, supplements containing sulforaphane are also available on the Internet and in health food stores.

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