Race For Women At Every Stage Of Life

Running for women can be a great help to a healthier life. Sport brings benefits that improve women’s quality of life (in addition to the benefit of feeling stronger and able to achieve new goals). Here are the main advantages of running for women of different ages.

Women’s Race: Why Start Right Now!


From the medical point of view, exercising during adolescence ensures a healthier life and less risk of disease in the following stages. “The habit of physical exercise should start before then, with the curricular activities of the school Physical Education program, to ensure the prevention of future diseases,” explains sports doctor Marcelo Aragon. It is at this time that changes in the female body begin and hormones such as estrogen and progesterone begin to influence body composition – as well as the emotional state. By increasing serotonin production, running serves as a natural remedy to combat mood swings and tension typical of this phase. “Running for women increases the production of serotonin in the body, reducing the intensity of premenstrual tension ”, explains Aragon.


By developing better fitness through running training, the adult woman (who is faced with numerous tasks and obligations) becomes an ally in everyday life. Achieving a stronger body generates greater willingness for tasks. “There is an improvement in aerobic fitness that gives more encouragement to women at this stage,” says coach Norton Freitas. Running can also help prevent some common diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. “In adulthood, the sport acts in the control of risk factors for cardiovascular disease, attenuation of emotional stress, strengthening of bones, reduction of body fat and weight control,” explains Aragon.

Third Age

“Impact activities, especially running, are directly linked to the prevention of osteoporosis,” says Aragon. Maintaining physical exercise at this age can be of great help in improving self-esteem and fighting anxiety and depression. Finally, the practice of sports during menopause stimulates the production of hormones that help muscle recovery, maintenance of lean and bone mass. It is important, however, that women at this stage, especially if they have never practiced physical activities, have medical approval and follow-up to start the activities.

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